Original Artwork

The artwork within the posts of "Allison Stone" are all original works by me, Reyna Perucca (Xila31). Please do not copy and reuse any images without my consent and without giving me credit.

I grew up in an artistic family and although drawing is not my strongest skill it is still something I enjoy. I will be adding more artwork to the story of "Allison Stone." I use ink, pencil, crayon, and pastels primarily. I also like to use light and shadow to play across the drawing when I take images of them. I will be listed all works below, along with the post on which they can be found.

1) "The Sea of Fog" featuring blue ink drawing of "Allison Stone."

2) "Beyond the Dune" featuring blue ink, crayon, and light drawing of "The Tortured Dead"

3) "The Saloon Girl" featuring blue ink with oil pastel drawing of "Dancer's Dream"

4) "The Distance" featuring oil pastel drawing of "Grace"